I was born in Nicaragua, a country filled with lush trees, ocean waves and volcanoes. Everything about Nicaragua inspires art in all forms and I hold my home country close to my heart. I was raised in the beautiful city of Calgary, being within minutes of the picturesque Rocky Mountains and having our pretty city lights Calgary provides endless location possibilities to tell stories through photographs. Becoming a mom, showed me that I should follow something that made me truly happy, as I am always implementing this deep in my children's minds daily, I decided to take my own advice, and here I am with Amor photography.

Boudoir photography has always been one of my first passions, I have the opportunity to help women see themselves in a different light, recapture themselves before career, motherhood, geesh before life itself took over.

Capturing weddings, was so accidental. But what an adventure it has been, from my first wedding I have made amazing friends, I am the third wheel who holds your lipstick & dad's glasses in my fanny pack, I like to keep it simple, all worries of your wedding day photos land on me, take it easy and enjoy your day!

What does Amor stand for? Love, I capture madly in love couples and help women love themselves. It just seemed so fitting!

crazy plant lady, flowy dresses, cat mom and my secret shame - any show on the HGTV or ID !